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About Cristina


My love for Photography started while taking pictures of my daughter dancing. I was mesmerized by how beautiful it was to capture the natural movements of the performer. I realized very quickly that I had to so much to learn. Capturing pictures of people moving in a dark setting was not an easy task. Through years of practice I  became the go to "dance mom photographer". Eventually I moved on to take pictures for professional dance companies. It's been an honor to capture such precious moments by  amazing artists. 

Professionally, I have been in the restaurant business for most of my life. I have had the opportunity to participate in many professional photo shoots with amazing photographers and food stylists. As a foodie myself that is married to an amazing chef, I realized how beautiful the dishes we made together were. So I decided to start taking pictures of our daily meals. This gave me the inspiration to develop a style of food photography that I love.  I’m honored to get to do what I love every day and share my work with others.

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